Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Discovering Purpose

I am a writer. It took me 27 years to discover that. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise; writing has always been a part of me. Since the age of nine, I have kept a journal. I would faithfully chronicling the adventures of my day in my crooked, oversized handwriting. Throughout the years my penmanship improved and as did my adventures. The days of chronicling my lunch choices and favorite books were replaced with stories of scandal and adventures. There were several books of love struck ramblings of the teenage heart to self reflection and self awareness of adulthood.

I have always had a flair for the dramatic. Instead of teen heartthrobs photos of Bette Davis adorned my room. I wrote monologues as entertainment. In my sophomore year of high school, I found a home for that creative energy when Mr. Scott, my English teacher crowned me with the honor becoming the president of our schools drama club. It was the happiest time in my life! I learned to write and produce stage plays, working in every aspect of theatre from set design to costuming. I was in love.

I have always had this uncontainable creative energy. An energy that had me rocking lace gloves and blue hair (yes blue) during my teenage years in Detroit public schools. I was the “weird girl” who never quite fit in yet I was comfortable in my own skin. I wanted a life of adventure. I fantasized of a life filled with travel and scandalous love affairs.

Yet upon graduation, I cheated on the love of my life. I stopped writing. I instead enrolled in college and majored in Psychology because it sounded very adult and proper and I felt anything but that. I eventually landed a lucrative job in a factory as a production line worker. I was supposed to be happy. I had material wealth, a beautiful home, nice car yet I felt empty inside.

After 7 years of my “real job” I stepped out on faith and founded Red Haze Productions a theatre company and for three years I was blissfully happy and chronically broke. I have produced 6 stage plays and won critical acclaim. I’ve even performed on Broadway….in Detroit 1515 Broadway! I finally reached a happy median peddling my communication skills as a PR consultant by day and freelance writer by night. My assignments range from automotive, celebrity interviews, and travel adventures. I have been everywhere from red carpet premiers to obscure French restaurants to zip lining through the rain forest. I have never been happier.

My lifestyle is often chaotic and challenging. My career choices have left my grandmother in a daze each time I calmly explain that when I sit in front of the computer and write a check will eventually come in the mail.

As an adult, I still don’t quite fit in; I rock stilettos on during my automotive ride and drives. I write long and passionate poetry about the wonderment of white castle cheeseburgers. I quote Bette Davis with the spontaneity of Tourette’s syndrome but I’m ok with that now. It’s because finally I know who I am it’s what motivates me to wake up each morning and aim a little higher. I spent over two decades wondering who I was and what I was supposed to be when I knew for years. I’m a writer, I’m a teller of tales and adventure, I am an undisputed drama queen…..and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For those seeking purpose, I offer this simple advice: Look to your childhood. How did you play? What did you love? Who were you before the world shaped you to mainstream definition of success? What brought you the most joy?

Dorothy Tene’ Redmond is Detroit based freelance playwright/writer. This former UPN/CBS TV Personality has produced several stage plays. They include: The award winning Mahogany Dreams, Love Is…. starring Fox TV’s Charles Pugh, Hit 8 Mile starring Coleman Young Jr, just to name a few. The writer enjoys travel and every aspect of stage production. She is currently involved in a scandalous love affair with Stroh’s Chocolate Ice Cream.

Visit her on the web at: myspace.com/dorothyteneredmond or myspace/redhazeproductions

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